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Legend is an amazing little girl, I love her movement and mind. Legend was born here on our farm on April 15, 2004....on my son's birthday, she was born early in the morning and the kids were able to watch from the house...she had her right out my son's bedroom you think someone knew something...hehe.

Legend is by Pride's Undertaker (Pride's Noonday Sun x Allen's Wild Flower)She is out of Breeze's La Nina (Little Breese Chinook x Sleepy Hollows Misty Lady).

Legend was born black, but by the time she was three months of age she was chestnut, then as the next spring approched and the winter hair started to leave a new color was arriving, Legend appeared bay sept her points were not black rather a deep chocolate color. I asked around and found out that La Nina's sire was not only a champagne but also carried the cream/creme gene, so I asked around and was sent a link for Pet DNA services, Michal, the fella that does the testing is a wonderful man, very helpful and personable. We tested for Agouti which she tested a/a, which means neither parent gave her the agouti gene, then we tested her for cream/creme and that came back as Cr/cr, which means she has one copy of the cream/creme gene, she will pass on that gene to 50% of all her foals when bred to a non dilute stallion.

Legend was shown at the Western Canadian Regional Horse show and TWHBEA Futurity in September of 2005, she did not bad placing 6th of 13, it was a very nice group of horses...Im glad I wasnt the judge!

Legend is TWHBEA Registered.

Legend foaled a gorgeous solid black colt on Aug. 11th 2010 DNA varified homozygous black!



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Halo is a gorgeous palomino mare, she should mature to 15.3HH.
Halo was foaled on April 13, 2003 and is by Final's Goldwell
(Prides Final Edition x Delights Hand Lady) and is out of
A Coins Secret Angel (Coins Double Play x Gold Secret Star)

Halo is a great mare, she has a beautiful short back.
Halo can really cover the ground, her back end is just amazing.

I bought Halo over the internet, by looking at some pictures of her,
after I saw her action shot that was all I needed!
She is such a great mare, I beleive I did very well.

Halo is TWHBEA registered.

Foaled May 5, 2006 Palomino Colt ...Watch for this little Masterpiece!
Foaled Feb 29, 2008 Black Colt
Foaled July 6, 2009 Smoky Black Colt
Foaled April 19, 2011 Palomino Colt



Click on image to view Ebony's Pedigree

Ebony is a gorgeous mare, she is very correct and can sure cover the ground, Ebony was foaled March 31, 2007... at the same time she was being welcomed to the world my nephew Bradly Dean also made his grand entrance it was a fantastic day!

Ebony is by our most awesome black stallion Pride's Undertaker (Pride's Noonday Sun x Allen's Wild Flower) and is out of our very gorgeous bay mare Mega Threat Meg was foaled March 12, 2001. She is by Coins True Threat (Prides Gold Coin x Prides Charissma) x Mega Coin (Prides Gold Coin x Winstons Gypsy Echo)

Megs sire is a wonderful chestnut stallion with both hind socks, he has been shown very successfully. In 1993 he was the Nacogdoches Ama Champ, and the Texas Fall Ama Grand champ, as well the SWHBA Ama Grand Champ.

Meg's grandsire, Prides Gold Coin, was an outstanding horse owned by Harlinsdale Farm. Prides Gold Coin also was shown very successfully, in 1976 he won the 2 year old TWHNC World Grand Championship came back as a three year old and won the TWHNC World Grand Championship again, this was not enough for this fine fella he had to do it one more time, as a four year old, Prides Gold Coin lived to be 29 years old.

Ebony has a wonderful disposition, flawless conformation, though Ebony has not yet been started under saddle, she displays a beautiful natural gait in the pasture with a snappy little head nod.

Ebony is homozygous for black, so will never produce a red foal, I cant wait to see what this mare gives us in her future.

Ebony is TWHBEA registered.

Foaled May 12, 2011 Smoky black colt


Click on image to view Sapphire's Pedigree
Sapphire was purchased fall 2006, she is nothing short of amazing, with unbelievable papers, Sapphire was foaled May 02, 2003 This wonderful gal is a daughter of Delites's Magic Go Boy (Sun's Delight D x Go Boy's Proud Mary) and out of Quarterbacks Perfect Star (Quarterback's Stock x Beam's Party Doll) its not often you find a gem like this!

Sapphire was brought into Canada in September 2006, I had purchased Sapphire from a young gal by the name of Serena Poling, She had done many things with Sapphire one of which was a Civil War reinactment.

Sapphire has been started at age two with many light rides to get her started, we are simply delighted to have her bless our herd. She has an amazing disposition, ... this girl just has it all... just look at her! We hope that she will grace us with a few foals.

Sapphire has started a show career in June/July 2007, below is a list of her accomplishments, She was nothing short of spectacular!

Great Northern Versatility 2007

6th in Junior Horse, Western 2 Gait
2cd in Novice Horse, Western 2 Gait
2cd in Maiden Horse, Western 2 Gait
Championship classes Novice Horse and Junior Horse Western 2 Gait, she placed 3rd

Tail Gate Show Aug 18 2007

2cd in Novice Rider 2 Gait
1st in Novice Horse 2 Gait
1st in Model
3rd in Model Champion
3rd in Novice Horse, Western 2 Gait

Western Canadian Reginal Horse Show Sept 9 2007

3rd in Trail Pleasure Novice Horse, 2 Gait
4th in Trail Pleasure English, Junior Horse 2 Gait
3rd in Trail Pleasure Western, Novice Horse 2 Gait
4th in Trail Pleasure Western, Junior Horse 2 Gait
4th in Trail Pleasure Western, 18 and over 2 Gait

Western Canadian Reginal Horse Show Sept 15 2012

2nd in Championship Stake Class
1st in Country Pleasure Championship
2nd in Country Pleasure Championship
1st in Country Pleasure Open
1st in Novice country Pleasure
2nd in Aged Country Pleasure
2nd in Country Pleasure Specialty championship
1st in Country Pleasure Canter Championship
1st in Country Pleasure Open
1st in Novice Country Pleasure
1st in Aged Horses Country Pleasure

A great start to her show career....Watch for more from this magnificant mare!

Sapphire foaled her first foal April 19, 2009 a gorgeous red filly
Sapphire foaled a very correct gorgeous red filly April 24, 2010
Sapphire foaled another stunning red filly on April 8th, 2011

Sapphire is TWHBEA and Racking registered.


Click on image to view peache's Pedigree

Peaches is a mare we brought up from Oklahma this spring, Peaches is a sorrel mare with small star, she stands a smart 14.3HH, a gorgeous little girl.

Peaches was foaled March 26, 1999. She is by Coin's Hard Cash (Prides Gold Coin x Prides Donna) x Ghost Dance (Ebony's Mountain Man x Bomb's Merry April)

Peaches has a wonderful disposition, flawless conformation, she displays a beautiful natural gait in the pasture with a snappy little head nod.

Peaches was bought for our younger children so they could come out on the trail with us, she was purchased from Walking Proud Farms (visit links area to link directly to their site). Peaches disposition is so quiet and gentle, she loves us to come out and just pet her, we are all in love with her.

Peaches is TWHBEA registered.

Foaled a gorgeous palomino filly Nov 10, 2002
Foaled a striking Chestnut colt April 2, 2004
Foaled a beautiful chestnut filly April 20, 2005


Click on image to view Tehya's Pedigree (Not yet loaded)

Tehya is a gorgeous mare, she is very correct and can sure cover the ground, Tehya was foaled September 2, 2008

Tehya is by one of the greatest perlino stallions in the Walking horse industry The Buck Starts Here (Threat's Velvet Frost x Butterscotch Sundae) and is out of Jim Holme's breathtaking bay mare Madam Boss Lady I am so excited to have this mare bless our farm, I have waited a very long time for a buckskin mare, I think this gal was well worth the wait.

Tehya was purchased from Jim Holmes of Holmes Farm Walkers, Jim is one of the nicest men I have ever done buisness with, Thanks Jim!

Tehya is TWHBEA registered.

Foaled a stunning red filly on May 18, 2013


click picture to view pedigree

Velvet is a stunning black mare with few white hairs that make up a star and white hairs around her tail head giving it the "coon" look. Velvet stands 14.2hh.
She was foaled on March 23, 1992 and is by Pride's Ultra Threat (Pride Of Midnight H.F. x Triple Threat's Rose) and is out of Bum's Black Velvet (Delight Bumin Around x Ebony's Starlette)

Velvet is a great mare, she has a beautiful short back,
She has an amazing ground eating way of going, with a cute head and perfectly hooked ears.

Velvet was brought up to Canada by Bud Massey who later abandoned all his horses, when we got her she was a rack of bones, I remember seeing her 4 years prior not thinking she was even going to live through that winter but she did, all she needed was her teeth done, and now she looks better than she has in years!
When Bud Bought her, a friend of mine had gone over to where she was being bred and took many pictures of her and let me know what she thought of her, at that time she had a filly at foot, Velvet is one of those mares that you just feel blessed by being in her very presence.

Velvet is TWHBEA registered.






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